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July 23, 2015

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July 23, 2015

Every parent to twins knows how demanding and challenging it can be. Double trouble! However, it’s also twice as rewarding when there’re two little bundles of joy. As they get older, you’ll come across several hurdles that need to be overcome. After all, these are two little humans who like very different things. One of the first big hurdles will come in the form of their bedroom. Not everyone has the space to give each child their own room. It’s likely they will both want different things. So, how do you make sure your twins have the bedroom of their dreams? These top tips will help you out!


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An Invisible Border

This is such an ingenious idea and will work with all children who have to share a room, not just twins. You need to create an invisible border. One section will be one child’s, and the other section is the other’s. There are plenty of ways you can create this border. You can have two different paint colours on the walls – two walls each. You can use furniture to make a more visible edge. You can use two different floors or carpets. The options are limitless! This is to teach each child that they have half the bedroom each. They can then do whatever they want to their side of the room, but that’s all they get. They can’t impose their love of Hello Kitty on the other side of the room. Creating an invisible barrier like this will teach them to respect each other’s space. While also ensuring they get (half) the room of their dreams.

Two Different Styles

Next up, you can let each twin know that they have half a room to decorate. What do they want to do with it? Of course, not everyone is going to feel comfortable giving their child free reign on the interior design. However, it’s a good idea that they have some kind of input. Ask them what their favourite things are. What do they want to see in their half of the room? You can them take them shopping to pick out paint colours, wallpaper, and accessories. Getting each twin involved in the process will help them feel like they’re a part of it. That their half of the room has been designed and created by them. There’s less likely to be arguments and tantrums this way, too.

The Furniture

This is where it can get tricky. You want both children to have the same amount of furniture. But chances are you won’t have enough space for double of everything. You can get a little bit creative with this, however. If you don’t have a lot of room, kids bunk beds are an excellent solution. They can also be used as one of the borders we mentioned earlier. Let them each pick their own bedding to differentiate whose is whose. You could paint each half of a wardrobe in their colours so that they know where to put their clothes. You could do the same with a chest of drawers. It’s a fun way to give them their own space.

These tips have been designed for twins, but they will work well for any children having to share a room. There’s bound to be arguments and tears in the beginning, but they should calm down. Especially when they get (half) the bedroom of their dreams.


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