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June 30, 2014

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June 30, 2014

How to Get Your Clutter Under Control

June 30, 2014
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The war on clutter is real for busy moms like us, and just a little bit of mess in your home can make the whole place look out of control. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by clutter, but just a few minutes of strategic tidying can make your home feel calm and serene again, or at least as calm and serene as it can possibly be with kids running around.

Make it Easy for Kids To Help
We often hear the old advice, ‘Get your kids to help you tidy’, but small children don’t often know how to help effectively. Give them a hand by labelling boxes in their room with different types of toys, so they know exactly where everything is supposed to go. This way, your kids can easily tidy their own toys away and everything will be in its rightful place.

Do Regular Clean-Outs
Storing up every toy your child has ever owned will lead to clutter no matter how frequently you tidy up. Every few months, sort through your child’s toys and clothing and get rid of anything they’re no longer interested in. You can donate the hand-me-downs to charity, or pass them on to a younger cousin or friend who needs them.

Clear Out the Kitchen
It can be easy to ignore clutter that builds up in your kitchen – old spices and tins of food you’ll never eat can hide for years at the back of your cabinets, taking up space without you realising it. Make sure you tackle your kitchen cabinets every few months, clearing out items that have past their use-by date or won’t be eaten by your family. Donate tins you won’t use to charity and throw out the rest. You’ll automatically open up more space.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed
Panicking and stressing out over clutter in your home will only make you less inclined to face up to the problem. Remain calm and tackle the cluttered areas in manageable tidying sessions. Before you know it, your home will be under control again.

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