Travelling Tips for Those with Hearing Aids

May 20, 2016

Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, travelling can be quite stressful—even for people without hearing problems. Lessen the hassle by following these five tips. DO plan your journey before you leave home Booking your transportation tickets and room reservations will save you a pretty penny and save you from a lot of headaches. Don’t forget to print out your tickets and receipts as well as any …

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Health Tips to Make a Real Difference to Your Life

March 20, 2016

There are a ton of health tips out there today. You could buy a health magazine and find hundreds of different health tips. But which one’s really work? Which are the ones that really matter? Here you’ll find the health tips to make a real difference to your life! Meditate Meditation? Isn’t that something that only tree hugging hippies do? You’d be forgiven for thinking …

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5 Ways to Help You Fall Asleep

October 16, 2015

If you struggle to fall asleep, take heart. Falling asleep does need to be a source of stress as there are some simple things that can be done to relax your body and ready you for a wonderful night’s sleep. 1. Make sure your bed is designed for you Just as we all don’t wear the same size clothes or shoes, there is no ‘one …

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5 Ways to Lose Weight

August 20, 2015

Losing weight is no easy task; it takes a lot of hard work and great willpower, and you need constant support from your family and friends. If you want to lose weight but don’t know where to start, here are five things that will see you shedding kilos and have you reaching your weight loss goals in no time. 1. Eat a Balanced Diet Changing …

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6 Weeks Of Fun Summer Holiday Ideas For The Family

July 22, 2015

It’s summer time. That means six weeks of the kids letting you know they are bored and need you to entertain them! Don’t panic, because we have put together six weeks of activities you can do together at home as a family. We have garden fun, crafting, and even some cooking ideas to mix up the activities. So make the most of the quality fun …

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How To Lose That Baby Weight

July 6, 2015

Having a baby can be a wonderful experience, unfortunately, for many moms it can lead to significant weight gain. While gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, once the baby has been born, knocking those pounds off can be a struggle.   The main problem for many moms is that with a baby to take care of, finding the time to prepare healthy foods can be …

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Healthy Food Hacks For Kids

May 11, 2015

Getting your kids to eat well can be a daily struggle. If you have a fussy eater or a child that straight-out refuses anything that looks like a vegetable, you’ll be familiar with the ongoing dinnertime battle to get healthy food into your child’s stomach. Try these simple swaps to get your child eating well today. Use sauce to disguise vegetables. If your kid avoids …

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Surviving A Meal Out With Toddlers

March 15, 2015

Going out to a restaurant with your family is a fun treat for everyone, but it can easily dissolve into chaos when a toddler is involved. Dealing with a restless child as well as disapproving looks from other childless diners can ruin the whole experience. Here are our quick tips to dining out stress-free with a toddler. Get your timing right. Heading out to eat …

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Simple Saving Tips

January 28, 2015

Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees, so a savings plan is absolutely crucial. If you’re struggling financially then saving may feel like a pipe dream, but there are always small ways that you can improve your economic circumstances over time. Pinpoint your goals. Having specific saving goals can help improve your motivation and keep you on track financially. Make a list of exactly what you’d …

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Budgeting For Your Baby

November 6, 2014

Preparing for the birth of your child is a thrilling, scary, stressful and exciting time, all wrapped up in one. Finance can be a major stress factor in the run-up to your child’s arrival, with plenty of different purchases and plans to worry about. Having a solid budget and a clear sense of what you’ll need money for can make things feel less overwhelming. One …

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