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July 22, 2015

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July 22, 2015

It’s summer time. That means six weeks of the kids letting you know they are bored and need you to entertain them! Don’t panic, because we have put together six weeks of activities you can do together at home as a family. We have garden fun, crafting, and even some cooking ideas to mix up the activities. So make the most of the quality fun time you have together because those six weeks will just whizz by!

Week 1: The kids will find it tricky to adjust to the slower, freer pace of life in this first week. Keep those energy levels boosted with some active fun. If it’s raining all week, this one can also be scaled down to fit in the living room. You might want to move some of the furniture out of the way though.

Obstacle course – To make an obstacle course for the kids, you could create some tunnels to climb through. You might want some obstacles to move around, and some challenges along the way. Tablespoons are great for balancing tennis balls on. Old sheets that are clothes pegged onto weighted cardboard boxes can be used for a scramble net style tunnel too. Alternatively, parcel tape some large cardboard box sides together for more tunnel fun.


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The obstacles to move around may be simple sports cones or markers. Instead of an egg-and-spoon setup, football fans may want to dribble a ball around the obstacles too. The idea of the game is to beat your best time by the end of the day of practice. This is a better way of competing if the age gap between participants is quite wide. Great fun!

Week 2: You will need lolly sticks, glue sticks, fabric, a gift box, and some decorative sequins or beads.

Most children are sent home for the summer with some homework. You can make the homework more fun with these handy crafting ideas. Whatever the topic, adopt it as a theme. Now the kids can draw some shapes relevant to the theme on some coloured card. Cut them out, and you can use them as templates.

Pick a small gift box to decorate. You can easily turn them into themed keepsake boxes for the kids to use. Use a glue stick to cover the box in a shiny fabric. You can use the same or a contrasting fabric for the lid. Next, dip the lolly sticks in some coloured paint to stain. Leave them to dry. Find a printed photo of your family all together and stick it to the box. Cover it with some plastic to protect it first if you like, such as a laminating pouch. Now you can frame it with the lolly sticks. Use hot glue sticks in your favourite colour.


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You can also use the hot glue sticks to cover your template cards in sequins, beads or stones. This should create a textured shape relevant to your homework theme. Now stick these on the box to finish it off. It’s a great way to get the kids to keep their mind on the homework, and to encourage them to finish it off.

Week 3: Baking cookies or cakes is great fun for the kids because everybody loves eating the fruits of their labour! Choose a healthy recipe, or simply swap out some ingredients for healthier options. You can choose things like pizza with healthy toppings. Yummy flapjack bars filled with fruits and oats, or even pirate’s treasure salad are healthy foods too.


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The treasure salad is simply a collection of brightly coloured fruits put together to resemble jewels. Much of the fun of this one is shopping at the market for each jewel. The kids will love find rubies and garnets (strawberries and cherries). See if they spot sapphires and gold (blueberries and banana) that they can put into the bowl too.

Week 4: Ball skills are very important for kids of all ages. Kicking, throwing and bowling feature in many different sports your children will take part in at school. You can hone those skills at home and keep the kids active at the same time. You will need several balls of different sizes and weights.

Beachball – A large beachball will take longer to pass from one child to the other because it is light. It is also a good ball to start with for preschoolers. Count how many times you can pass it before someone misses.


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Basketball – This is great for shooting practice if you have a net in the garden. You can try timed trials to see how many baskets you can score in two minutes. Alternatively, a little competitive one-on-one could be just as much fun. See who scores the most!

Football – Kicking the ball into a goal is one thing, but keepy-uppy requires more concentration and skill! Dribbling around obstacles is also good fun.

Week 5: Movies are great for rainy days, so have a small batch of family films handy for when the weather isn’t great. Disney films are world renowned for being popular with families of all ages. Choose live action or animation. Pop some popping popcorn in the microwave to enjoy. Sit back and cuddle up for a quiet movie afternoon.


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An alternative rainy day activity is a family friendly console game. Things like Wii Sports or the dancing party games are great for getting up and being active. You can be as competitive as you like, or use the games to improve your stamina.

Week 6: A family bike ride may fill you with dread, but it is one of those activities that will be memorable for the kids. Pack a picnic and head to your favourite beauty spot or park. Pack plenty of water too as cycling up hills in the heat can make you quite thirsty! Places like Halfords offer bike checks through the summer if you are worried about the condition of your equipment.


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A slower paced outdoor activity you can enjoy at home are party games. Statues, musical chairs, and what’s the time Mr Wolf are great fun and keep the kids moving. You could invite their friends over for a garden party and make a big event of it. It helps keep their social interaction up while they are off school for so long.

Summer needn’t be boring for the kids. And it doesn’t have to be stressful for you. Arm yourself with a good list of activities, so you can all have fun together. Enjoy!


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