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July 3, 2015

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July 3, 2015

It is common for there to be a rise in the number of children injured in the summer months. Kids are out of school and spending more time outside. Even though outdoor time is good for kids, it does also present some safety concerns.

It is the parents’ job to understand why injuries are more common in the summer and learn what they can do to prevent them. Any parent can use these ideas to help the whole family have a safe and fun season off from school. Here are six parenting tips to help kids avoid injuries this summer.

Talk with a professional about special healthcare concerns

Some children will have special health concerns that parents need to be extra cautious of. Before doing anything else, everyone should take their child to see their healthcare provider to know the limitations for their outdoor play. One example of these special situations is a child allergic to bee stings who must carry an epi-pen. Parents can shop healthcare plans to find the best options for their family.

Prevent sport injuries with the right equipment

Outdoor sports are very common in the summer for kids. Everyone wants to participate in something that allows them to spend time with friends and get a little exercise in each day, like baseball or soccer. Preventing injuries during these practices and games can be as simple as investing in the right equipment. Having items that are not only made for the sport, but also made to fit the child can make a huge difference in protecting them from sports injuries.

Supervise kids on the playground

It is easy for parents to drop their kids off at the local playground and let them run free for a while to burn some energy. However, this is not always the best idea. Parents should sit and watch their kids at least for the first few outings to make sure that their kids know the rules and what is allowed at the playground.

Know the plan before going to a party

Many people will host outdoor parties at their homes during the summer months. Anyone who is attending these parties should know what the party will generally be like before they attend. Parents can talk with the host to see what activities will be set up and what food will be served to make sure that it is all healthy and safe for the children.

Teach water safety early on

Water accidents are some of the most dangerous that kids face in the summer. It is important for parents to teach water safety very early on in their kid’s lives to make sure everyone feels very comfortable in the water.

Be smart about the sun

Sunshine may feel great and relaxing on a person’s skin, but parents need to be careful how much exposure everyone gets on a regular basis. Sunscreen is essential every time the kids go outside to play, with periodic breaks from the sun to avoid overheating.


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