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June 22, 2015

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6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ugg Boots

June 22, 2015

You probably already know that ugg boots, particularly quality ugg boots such as emu uggs, are arguably the most popular winter boot of our time. Ugg boots are synonymous with warmth and comfort, but there is much more to know about these perennially popular shoes. Take note of these facts about ugg boots as well some common misconceptions about these shoes.

1. Socks with your uggs?

There’s no denying that genuine, high quality sheepskin ugg boots keep your feet warm. Many people believe that because they are so effective in keeping your feet warm, you should not wear socks with your ugg boots. The truth is that there is no harm in wearing socks with your uggs, as long as your feet do not become excessively hot. Wearing socks with your ugg boots can help to prevent fungus and athletes foot (if these are a problem for you). It’s also important to wear ugg boots with genuine, sheepskin shearling as cheaper, synthetic alternatives do not allow your feet to breathe adequately; the result can be unpleasant foot odour and smelly boots. To do your own research, visit a reputable online retailer such as MiniJumbuk online and find a pair of uggs to keep you warm this winter.

2. They are not for the rain

Ugg boots are not waterproof and therefore they are not made to get wet. Try to keep your ugg boots as dry as possible; when soaked, ugg boots can develop a sour smell. Also, the appearance of your ugg boots can be compromised through the damage caused by moisture.

3. You can dry clean your ugg boots

If your boots do get wet, all is not lost! Because this type of boot is so overwhelmingly popular, some dry cleaners have developed a specialised dry cleaning service for ugg boots.

4. Ugg boots can stretch

You may prefer to buy your ugg boots a size smaller than you would usually purchase. Some people notice that when they buy ugg boots in their usual size, the boots stretch to the point that they feel a little too large. They say that ugg boots one size smaller than your usual size will ultimately stretch to the optimal size for your feet! Remember this advice when shopping for your next pair of ugg boots.

5. Oprah loves ugg boots!

Did you know that, in 2000, Oprah Winfrey claimed ugg boots as one of her ‘favourite things’!? When she did this, the 350 people in her studio audience received their own pair of ugg boots.

5. Ugg boots ARE high fashion

Far from being boots only worn around the home paired with tracksuits and pyjamas, many different forms and styles of ugg boots have been featured in the pages of high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue.

Many people have know that ugg boots are a warm, comfortable piece of footwear, but ugg boots are also considered to be fashionable. Loved all over the world and available in an ever-increasing range of colours and styles, ugg boots truly are an enduring and popular footwear option.

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