February 2015

Boost Thin Hair With These Styling Tips

February 11, 2015

While some women spend their lives flat-ironing their curls into submission, some of us struggle with the opposite problem. If you have thin hair, you probably feel that a voluminous, full style is unachievable. Choose Your Products Wisely Veer away from hair products that advertise themselves as moisturizing or frizz-fighting. Pick products that are specially suited to thin, flat hair, and uses volumizing mousses after …

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8 Surprisingly Dirty Places In Your Home

February 4, 2015

We all know to clean our toilets regularly and scrub down the kitchen counters, but there are certain spots in your home that could be disguising dirt without you even realizing it. Door handles: Don’t ignore your handles. Everyone touches them all day, so they’re an easy spot for germs to build up. Use a multi-purpose cleaner and cloth to wipe down handles whenever you’re …

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