DIY Cheerios Necklaces


now that charlotte is big enough to sit up and eat big girl food like cheerios, i wanted to figure out a way to keep her occupied while sitting in carts at the grocery or target or just hanging around in the living room. this little munchkin crawls everywhere and sometimes i really just want her to sit still for a while. 

enter: the DIY cheerios necklace.

this thing kept her occupied for almost 15 minutes. just sitting still working on getting those cheerios off the string. so, here's how ya do it:

1. gather your supplies: cheerios, string or twine (on the thicker side), and scissors to cut the sting. that's it!

2. cut your twine long enough so that it fits around her neck pretty loosely. we don't want any choking here. 

3. string the cheerios on the twine.

4. tie it around her neck and watch her play and eat!

super easy! 

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It's in the Bag! {Kate}

Hello there, Mamages Readers! My name is Kate and I blog on Clear the Way. I am so glad Bri invited me to be a part of her It’s In the Bag series and I am excited to give you a little peek into this small part of my life. It’s interesting how much you can learn about a person from these types of posts. If you’d like to learn more at the end of the post, check me out on my blog and social media.

I’m still somewhat new to carrying bags (I used to carry everything in pockets and hands only) and along with my new habit of carrying purses I’ve found how easily you can fill an entire purse in one day with mostly unnecessary objects. This is my newest favorite bag (thrifted, by R+J) and I just love the size and versatility. I can use the cross-body strap when I need to or unhook it, place it inside, and use the bag with the hand/shoulder handles(/shouldles?) if I so desire.

it's-in-the-bag mamages

I am very fortunate to have access to a smartphone (a very expensive privilege I enjoy having) and my iPhone really is one of my favorite possessions. Perhaps the Silicon Valley (in which I live) is rubbing off on me, but its usefulness and beautiful design can not—in my opinion—be beat. Besides all that, it’s saved my ass on occasion when I’ve been lost and in need of direction. I love having my calendar, email, social media, and various other useful apps on hand and ready for my use whenever I need them.


I am most certainly one of those fair-skinned folk who can not leave the house without sunglasses. I’ve even found myself wearing them inside and during dusk before (on accident) because I am so attached to them. My newest pair is my current favorite: a thrifted pair of Kate Spade’s (like these). The wallet (such as so) is also thrifted; it’s slender and has plenty of slots for cards, business and credit alike.


No matter how much I have had to sleep the night before or to eat throughout the day, the chances are I will need a snack. I like to keep a VGF (vegan, gluten-free) protein bar on hand in case my blood sugar and mind need a little boost. Due to my snacking habit (and my caffeine obsession), I always keep some breath mints and/or some breath strips on hand. When you work in close proximity with others, you do not want to reek of “Lemon Pound Cake” ALT bar (which actually smells sweet) or coffee. I used to chew gum, but my poor teeth needed a break from the cavity-creating sugars and retina-detaching fake sugars. I find these mints and breath strips work well.


As part of my self-care routine, I am trying to have a good book on hand at all times. If I catch a moment alone with time to spare, I can pull it out and give my mind some time to think and be entertained. Right now I am very much enjoying The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I will review it on Clear the Way when I finish it. Have you read it?


Call me Napoleon Dynamite, but I always have chapstick on hand. I use Carmex because it keeps my lips from cracking and it is very affordable. I know all my poor little lips need is some nice fresh water, but I don’t carry liquids in my purse. (Those still go in my hand.) I pretty much always carry a small notepad and pen with me, just in case I need to write up a to-do list or a great idea. I may also be wishing for a once-in-a-lifetime chance run in with Harrison Ford, and I am ready for his autograph if that dream is ever fulfilled.


thanks for sharing, kate! if you'd like to share what's in your bag click here for details!

see more bags here.

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link love

link-love mamages

remember when we used to dress up to fly? (i still do!) well here's a site devoted to shamming those nasty flyers. peeing in the sink? putting gross bare feet up on the seats? it's all there.

9 things not to say to a new mom. seriously. a must read!

one of my current obsessions, hey sweet pea, just announced a super exciting new venture! check it out!

how about a FREE q&a on growing your blog from by regina? the live webinar is over but you can catch a recording of it on google+!

struggling with 'balance'? me too. read this from apartment 34. we're all struggling.


around here:

52 project

hey, it's okay ...

lullaby 03

24 hours in paradise: a staycation

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a portrait of my children every week in 2014

52-project mamages

so i'm cheating and doing one photo of the two of them AND it's from my iphone. oops!

we didn't really take a bunch of photos this week so there were slim pickins here. plus this one is one of my new favorites so i had to share. charlotte rode in the big race car cart for the first time this week at the grocery! she was so proud of herself. she smiled the entire time and was having a blast! 

william, on the other hand, was not impressed. he was a little upset that he had to share his space with his little sister. he ended up getting through the produce section before he asked to get down and walk with daddy. oh well. we'll try again this weekend and see how it goes! target has big double carts too so maybe we can try there!

have a great weekend! 

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Hey, It's Okay ...


to take silly family photos in bed.

to wear your hair in a topknot every. single. day. trying to be trendy? really dirty hair? the world will never know.

if you'd rather sit at home watching reruns of gossip girl than go on a family walk. sometimes a mama just needs her alone time. and really trashy television.

to have four cups of coffee every day. i hear in some places they say it makes you smarter. let's go with that.

to buy boxed wine. it's wayyy more cost-effective and you can actually find some pretty good ones now.

to have frozen pizza for dinner. again.

to keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. even if that special occasion is a tuesday and the kids went to bed early.

to have deep and meaningful conversations with your kids. even if they can't talk back. sometimes you gotta get something off your chest and kids are a good sounding board.


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