A lesson for my younger self

round three of the group interview! this time with a fancy new layout. check out the slideshow and click on each photo to head to their blog and learn more!


If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

i'd definitely tell myself to chill. i'm telling myself now to chill. just plain chill. - bri :)


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last week i was nominated by both my sister and the lovely tabitha from the fresh mommy blog (i met her at the brand market workshop!) to do the ice bucket challenge. i'm sure by now you've seen tons of people from all over the place dumping buckets of ice water on their head. your neighbor, your tv newscaster, your favorite celebrity, your best friend. and while i'm always up for a fun challenge, i decided to not participate in the ice bucket challenge. i did donate to the als association because it's a good cause and i'm happy to help add to the $88.5million they've raised in the past 29 days. that's amazing.

i didn't dump a bucket of water on my head because here in california we're in a terrible drought. and, yes, the awareness of the #icebucketchallenge is awesome and whoever came up with that idea is a marketing genius, but i just couldn't justify wasting that water. again, i still donated, but i'm not dumping any water on my head. 

if you're a fellow californian i urge you to do the same. check out this video of the ergobaby team doing their challenge "california style". in addition to not doing the ice bucket challenge here are a few other water-saving tips for every day life:

1. turn the water off while you're brushing your teeth. i feel like this is the oldest tip in the book but you'd be surprised how many people don't do it.

2. use the dishwasher. you might be surprised to learn that using the dishwasher instead of hand washing uses way less water.

3. if you have a half empty glass or bottle of water hanging around and you go to dump it in the sink, don't! use it to water some plants or put it in the dog bowl or in the fridge for later. 

4. don't water your grass. period. suck it up and deal with dead gross brown grass.

5. take colder showers. not COLD because that's just mean. unless you like cold showers then by all means do it. but just lowering your shower temperature by a little bit helps save water.

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charlotte at 8 months


somehow i missed month 7. it was during a really busy and crazy time here so i guess it just slipped my mind. but i'm right on time with month 8! 

charlotte's been doing osteopathic therapy every week or so for the past month to straighten out her head and really the rest of her body (i'll get in to more detail on that later). when we started we were told to expect big developmental leaps as a result and boy oh boy have we!

when we started this, charlotte was rolling and that's about it. now she's crawling in her own way (sliding across the floor, really) and having some major vocal developments too. 

although somehow her sleep habits have gone backwards. after months of sleeping through the night, charlotte has been up twice every night for the past week. mama needs coffee. it's just plain mean to give me that big long break and then go back to waking up at night! 

but even with all this craziness going on she's still the sweetest calmest baby on the planet. curious and happy and chill. that's the best way i can describe charlotte: chill. i hope she stays like that forever because i am not chill. i'm like the total opposite of chill and it's so nice to have that kind of energy around me. her calmness makes me calm and i need it. 

so here's to a chill 8 months! i have a feeling these next few are going to be crazy! watch out world, charlotte's on the move!

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It's in the Bag! {Jamy}

Hey there Mamages readers, I'm Jamy of Fourth Street, The lovely Bri from this stellar blog has asked me to share what's in my bag with you today.  Sometimes there's more, sometimes there's less, but these are the tried and true staples.  

It's in the Bag! | Jamy

First of all, the bag.  I've been using this Hammit bag since I bought it last winter. The tan color took my "black" bag habit away, and it flowed nicely into spring, and now summer.  

It's in the Bag! | Jamy

Always Within

Fujifilm Instax Camera.  I love the small old school Polaroids.  There's always time for a mini photo op and hanging these on an inspiration board or sending them to a friend is fun. 

Headphones.  Never underestimate an opportunity when you can throw these babies on and tune out the world.

Blush.  Chanel Joues Contraste Powder in Frivole. I'm pretty pale so a little blush is a lifesaver when I'm getting the blah afternoon tired look.  I use an Eco Tool blush brush instead of the mini brush that comes with it. It's eco-conscience and the softest brush I've ever found.

Lipstick.  Cle de Peau Beauté, 214.  If I wear anything, it's this. It moisturizes while holding color.  My real lip color is a hint of pink.  It pleas for help. 

Eye Shimmer.  Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in Pale Pink.  I use it in the corner of my eyes or sometimes on the eye bone to add a little light.  Just a bit is needed and it could wake up your eyes if you've been on the computer too long.

Mini Nail Top Coat.  This stuff rocks between manicures when the shine has faded.  Unfortunately, the only place I know where to find it is at a nail salon.  You may want to ask for it, they usually will sell it for under $10.00.

Tea Olive Lime Caldrea Fragrance.  A little roll on the nape of the neck and you'll feel fresh as can be.

Bobby Pins.  No explanation needed.

Compact Mirror.  An after lunch/afternoon/dinner teeth checker.  

And alas, a note pad with pen. While I always have my iPhone in hand, sometimes it's fun to jot down and not type ideas of inspiration when they strike.  That and what you need from the grocery store.  

Thanks Bri for having me, this was definitely a fun exercise. 

*image via jb

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Some of My Favorite Online Shops & A Giveaway!

i think online shopping is the best thing since sliced bread. 

okay well maybe that's a bit overreaching but it's pretty darn cool. especially for busy mamas who don't have time to get out of the house to shop. a few of my favorite places to shop online are etsy, amazon and sephora. yes, you can shop the makeup holy grail online! which is great because i always end up in a sephora store while i'm not wearing makeup and it makes me really self-conscious. 

i've rounded up a few of my favorite things from each of these places and i've teamed up with maru from fashiony fab and a bunch of other amazing ladies to give one lucky reader a $270 gift card to one of these three places! how great is that?

etsy: the caramel jar, delovely details, julie ann art

now it's your turn! enter via the raffelcopter below for your chance to win a $270 gift card to any one of these three amazing online shops! (and, obviously, you can use it at the real sephora store too) thanks to the following lovely bloggers for joining together to do this huge giveaway!

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