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museums with kids.jpg

we spent a morning at the getty a couple of weeks ago and it was so cool! granted, we only saw a couple exhibits, but the outdoor space was fun enough for us. william ran up and down that hill for almost an hour. a couple of tourists even stopped to take a picture of him. ha! he did look pretty darn cute in those overalls :) 

i'm starting to get the hang of this whole museums with kids thing. basically, find the outdoor space and play. try to see a few exhibits but don't be upset if you miss the actual art. just getting out of the house is fun and exciting enough. and if there's a big open grassy space? even better!

i'd love to go back to the getty with just brad and check out all the exhibits. we'd be there for days because there's so much to see, but still. it would be nice :)

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3 Years

how has it been three years since our wedding?! 

i can't believe it. it seems like forever. two babies, so many houses, lots of exciting changes in our lives in the past three years. if we're being honest, i'm ready for things to slow down a bit. no more babies. no more moving. excitement is good but, man it's also exhausting.

happy anniversary, brad! i love you!

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Get Organized

just popping in again today to announce the launch of my services page!!

if you're looking for someone to help you create an awesome editorial calendar, take care of all the nitty-gritty so you can keep focusing on creating your amazing blog content, i'm your girl! 

take a look at my services page for more information. i can't wait to start helping bloggers create a clear and easy schedule!

PS if you don't need full-on consulting wait a few months ... there's an e-book coming to a blog near you ;)

Posted on July 22, 2014 .

i wanted a girl

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when i was pregnant with william i never gave a straight answer when anyone asked 'what do you want?' obviously, right? you can't make a commitment like that and then have to defend yourself if it goes the other way. 

i think most mamas dream of having a little girl. i knew i did. i never really thought about having babies until i was pregnant but from that first moment i found out, i was hoping the baby inside me was a girl. i imagined taking her to ballet and going shopping. i imagined being the 'cool mama' (don't we all?) that she could talk to about boys. i imagined her daddy walking her down the isle and her calling me when she had questions about her babies.

i remember driving to that 20 week ultrasound and being so incredibly nervous and anxious. i was alone. brad was in north carolina for some training and i was all on my own. i left like 3 hours early which is so silly but i couldn't stay at home alone any longer. 

almost as soon as it started the tech said "oh! i know what you're having!" and i knew right then and there that the little ballerina i dreamed of was a boy. she didn't even have to say it. i cried 'happy' tears. or that's what i told the tech. and when i left i called brad to tell him. and then called everyone else i knew because i needed to feed off of their excitement for a while until mine actually set in.

i bought blue clothes and hot wheels. i adjusted my dreams to include soccer games or track meets. (still holding on to that ballerina dream though!) and i made room for a little boy.

to this day i feel guilty about wanting a baby girl. i love william to pieces and i wouldn't change anything! he's stubborn and strong-willed and full of energy and he's perfect. he used to want nothing to do with me. he was all daddy's boy. but more recently he's been coming to me to kiss his boo-boo or tuck him in at night. nowadays he spends a lot of his day in time-out for hitting or yelling. but he also comes up to me out of the blue and says 'kiss mama?' and my heart melts. 

william will be two next month and i'm still trying to wrap my head around that. i was expecting his first birthday. i was prepared. i could handle it. but this year? august is sneaking up on me and i'm just in awe of the fact that my baby boy will be two soon. he's all toddler. definitely not a baby anymore. i can't wait to see the little man my baby boy grows in to.

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