Our Tiny House | The Living Room

i'm so excited to finally share our living room. it's the center of our home and where we spend the majority of our time. i love this space. it's cozy and bright and a perfect space for us. over the past few months i've acquired a few more plant friends and they absolutely brighten up the room. it helps that the kitchen has a huge pass-through and it bright as well. it really opens up the home. 

most of our things from our last home are in storage because it doesn't fit: our dining room table, our huge leather sectional couch, our giant bookshelves, our huge 12x12 rug, the coffee table. none of it came even close to fitting in this room so we had to downsize dramatically and i love it. i miss how easy leather is to clean (so so easy!) but other than that, this green couch and all the other little things in here are perfect.

one of my favorite new things about this room is the new rug pad. i'll be honest, i used to be totally against rug pads. i'm one of those people who likes to rearrange furniture every other month so having an easy to move rug is key. but now that charlotte is crawling and pulling up all the time, i decided we needed something extra soft under our rug for some super soft padding to protect against bumps and bonks. 

this post is in partnership with rug pad usa and thank you to my readers, for following along and helping support the partners that help me keep this blog going.

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Confessions of a Second-Favorite Parent


when william was about 8 months old he decided he wanted nothing to do with me. he'd tolerate me during the day but once daddy came home from work, it was all daddy all the time. no hugs for mama, i couldn't even give him his dinner, he wanted daddy to do it. after about his first birthday things got almost even. i think the stay-at-home parent is always going to be less exciting to kids just because that's the one they see all the time. and i get that. it's cool. i was okay being almost even with brad. 

fast-forward another year and we're back to hating me. it happened suddenly and it's even worse this time around. because, ya know, terrible twos are in full swing over here. so not only is william defiant and stubborn and too damn smart for a 2 year old, he also doesn't want me to do anything with or for him. in the evenings it's like i don't even exist. i could leave and he wouldn't notice. 

for weeks i've been letting it roll off my back, pretending it doesn't bother me. i can handle it during the day because sometimes he does need me (much to his dismay). he can't climb in his high chair, he can't open the fridge, he can't change his own diaper. so i'm there to do those things. bedtime is the worst. brad and william have their bedtime routine while i nurse charlotte: they change clothes/diaper, brush teeth, wash hands and have a glass of water and then "go out back see all stars". and then they come back to give me a hug and a kiss.

but nowadays, brad brings william over to give me a hug and kiss and william practically throws himself out of brad's arms to avoid me. last night i took it particularly hard. started crying and left the rest of the bedtime routine to the favorite parent. i don't make a big deal out of it with william because i don't want to force him to give me a hug. but at the same time, i really really miss those bedtime hugs.

i guess for now i'll hold on to charlotte a little tighter since i'm definitely still her favorite (although she still nurses like 5 times a day so that probably has something to do with it) and wait for william to come back around.

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This Is Paper and a Giveaway!

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Charlotte At 9 Months

9 months

holy moly! is it just me or does 9 months feel super old? like a HUGE step up from 8 months? those four weeks just flew by and all of a sudden i have a crawling, standing (not alone. she's not a superhero. pulling up on anything and everything, i mean.), giggling, talking baby!

i'm starting to see more and more of charlotte's personality lately. she's gentle and sweet and sensitive but also fearless and so so brave. she still rarely cries which is such a relief and so weird to me. 

she is, however, extremely exhausting. or maybe it's the combination of her and william together. i'm completely wiped out. but, she's just so stinkin cute that it doesn't really bother me. i'll take fun, loving, sweet charlotte any day even if i have to chase her around the house and make sure she doesn't eat the dog food sometimes.

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Our Tiny House | The Office


i'm so excited to share my little office corner today!

this place of mine has been rearranged too many times to count but i'm finally happy with it (for now!) and couldn't wait to share! i love having my desk in front of the window. there's so much light here and i love people watching so it was the perfect spot for me. 

i'm working with a very small corner of our living room; about three square feet so i had to get creative. the shelves were so key in making this office work. that and the little baskets to hold everything. i don't know what i would do without them. having this many well-functioning storage options is such a lifesaver. 

the desk calendar is one thing that i'm not quite sold on yet. i've always worked with my editorial calendar taped to the wall but when i moved my desk in front of the window, i didn't really like having to look over at the wall to see the calendar. i wanted it to be right in front of my face. so, hence the desk calendar. it'll take some getting used to but i like the size and i'm warming up to the idea of having it on my desk.

the bar cart was a surprise and pretty recent addition to the office. it used to be in the kitchen but it started to get in the way (mostly, abby's tail would hit it when she was excited and it got a little dangerous. and loud.) so i racked my brain for a new home for it and thought hey! it fits in this corner! drinks at work!  but i don't break in to the bar cart until later in the day, don't worry ;) 

so that's it! small and tidy and just right for our home. 

PS you can find me over on my girl kory's blog sharing 5 reasons why you need an editorial calendar!

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