DIY | Silly Halloween Ghosts

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need a last minute halloween decoration? look no further! these little guys are super easy to make and are pretty darn cute. 

need: glue gun, googly eyes, mason jars, spider web or gauze, little candles

take a little piece of your spider web and wrap it around the mason jar. it'll stick all by itself.

glue two googly eyes on to the spider web. can be same sizes or different. make it fun!

toss a candle in the bottom and light up your little ghost!


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Charlotte at 10 Months

charlotte 10 months | mamages

a few days late here, but little charlotte is 10 months old! it kind of snuck up on us this month and i still can't believe it. i thought 9 months was a huge milestone but 10 ... oh man. 10 is crazy. and i'll be honest, not my favorite. between the teething, the attachment and her sudden disinterest in my breasts, it's been a little rough. but through it all, she's still the funnies, smiliest, happiest baby on the block. 

last night when we got home from a walk, i was putting william on the changing table when brad walked in to the room with charlotte and she said "mama?!" she's said it before but not like this. it was like she was looking for me, like she needed me. it was perfect. i'd say this is her official first word. 


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William Says

william says | mamages

"you okay, mama?" or, if we see a stranger out and about who coughs or trips or sneezes: "you okay, [running? green shirt?]" whatever kind of attribute he recognizes about them.

"charlotte, you poopin'?"

"dark outside, NOW see all stars out back. sing twinkle twinkle little stars out back" and then proceeds to sing his own version of twinkle twinkle.

"go mama go mama go!" when i'm running.

"catch up to mama!" and then when he catches me: "i made it!"

"daddy gets home, NOW say 'hello daddy'"

"mama hurt william!" when he actually means 'william hurt mama.' always mixing these up. it's a little hard to decipher. 

"you okay mama? need burp burp burp?" and then pats me on the back a few times.

"william's sweaty!"

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'Hiking' and A Little Update

the past couple of weeks we've been 'hiking' in palos verdes. i use the quotes because it's really just walking along a trail but we figured we'd start off easy on the whole hiking thing. anyway, it's so nice to do something different and get out of the house. our usual outing is to the beach or the park nearby which is lovely but we've been itching to get out of our comfort-zone and it's been such a breath of fresh air. 

i apologize for the slightly sporadic posting around here. i'm busy keeping other bloggers on schedule plus william and charlotte have both decided napping is soooo last year. rearranging my writing time has been a little difficult and i haven't quite found the perfect time yet. late-night writing is not for me. i'm too sleepy and have usually had a little wine so ... ;) bear with me, i'll get back on track soon! PLUS in the coming weeks there will be a few other changes happening over here. mamages is getting a little face-lift and some additional authors! i've been scheming on this more collaborative approach to this space for a while now and i'm so excited to finally be there!

there's a collaborate information page coming soon, but in the meantime, if you're interested in becoming an author on mamages, writing about anything and everything related to motherhood, kids, etc please get in touch! you don't have to be a mama to contribute! everyone has a story about a mama to share be it your own or an aunt or grandmother. 

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It's in the Bag | Maru

It's in the Bag | Maru

Hello Mamages readers! My name is Maru, I blog over at Fashiony Fab and I'm so excited to be here today sharing what I carry around in my bag. I always enjoy this series, in my opinion, you can learn a lot by seeing what a person considers as everyday essentials, so I'm hoping you guys can get to know me a little better with this.

Let's start with the kind of bag I normally choose. I usually go for big bags, you know, the ones that give you all the space you need to put in them what you need each day and more, if I can get them in a neutral color such a light brown or camel is better. I found this one on Zara a year or so ago and I absolutely love it, it has the right amount of space, the color that can be paired with almost everything and it's easy to carry, for me it's all about comfort and style.

It's in the Bag | Maru

I'm the kind of person that doesn't change the content of her bag pretty often, I may add a couple of things some days, but other than that, you will always find the same in there. Let's go through my essentials. I can never leave the house without my wallet, this one is from Nine West

What i love about it is that it has all kind of compartments to separate tickets (which I tend to accumulate), your change and cards. Next, my Ray Ban sunglasses, even if it's not a sunny day out, I always keep them there just in case, and my prescription glasses by Tous, these are by far my favorites, not to mention that without them I can't even drive. My iphone is always close to me, as well as my Kate Spade journal, you never know when you're going to get inspired, and to keep track of my to do list, a nice little notebook, which I won from a Garance Doré giveaway (yay!). Oh, and a pen of course.

It's in the Bag | Maru

To always be prepared and in case I need to retouch my makeup during the day, I have this makeup bag from Victoria's Secret with my favorites: Nars blush, a blush brush, my favorite lipstick Revlon Balm Stain in Sweetheart, a lip liner and a press powder by Makeup Forever.

It's in the Bag | Maru

To refresh myself during the day, I have my Victoria's Secret body mist, Mango Temptation is my currently favorite, hand cream to keep my hands hydrated, I love the ones from Natural Scents and to keep them clean, a sanitizing gel, which is super useful.

It's in the Bag | mamages

And last but not least, my house keys. This is my favorite key chain, my dad gave it to me when he visited Thailand and I just love the little and colorful elephants it has. I know it's a tiny detail, but it makes me happy when I see it, so why not share that with you.

It's in the Bag | Mamages

Thank you so much Bri for having me! It was such a pleasure to share with you today what's in my bag and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

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